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“I brought my 8 year old son to a free trial class on a Saturday for something to do that was out of the ordinary for us. He learned a lot and really enjoyed it so we made it part of our routine. That was around two years ago. It has had a huge impact on my son in terms of confidence, self esteem, focus and leadership attributes; plus it is quite a workout! There is a big emphasis on teaching and leadership skills as well as learning and following instructions. The teaching style is right in line with my son’s unique learning style. My son has had a tumultuous couple of years at school (in terms of behavior and social adjustment) and his participation and membership at this Dojo has been a hugely stabilizing influence in his life and immeasurably beneficial to his social, mental and physical development! Highly recommended!"


My daughter Bethanie is 6 yrs old and loves this karate class.Great positive atmosphere, very professional and friendly instructors. They treat all there students like they are family. Highly recommend this place for children and adults!!


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