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Karate Do Kan (KDK) was established by Shihan (Master) Kaz Kusube in 1977. Shihan Kaz was born in Japan and is the expert in Karate, Self-Defense and Jujitsu. KDK is founded on respecting the past, living for the present and striving for the future.

Karate Do Kan (KDK)
Lakewood, CO & Online Courses


Karate Do Kan (KDK) teaches the balance of mind, body and spirit as the foundation. We teach you to never give up and believe in the philosophy of never losing - you win or you learn.


Why take Karate?
- Focus - Fun - Fitness

- Confidence - Goal Setting - Patience

- Self-Defense - Warrior Spirit

- Leadership - Friendship

Start your journey today!

Lakewood, CO & Online Courses



Karate Do Kan (KDK) is proud to announce the launch of KDKFIT. KDKFIT combines Karate with high-intensity interval training all online. We have both live and recorded programs available.








Karate Do Kan (KDK)
ONLINE Home Study



Complete white belt to black belt home study courses


A full white to black belt course covering the traditional art of Genwakai Karate and Jiu Jitsu, upholding the curriculum of founder Shihan Kaz Kusube. As a KDK student, you will learn proper stances, punches, kicks, blocks, katas (forms), and kumite (freestyle fighting).



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Classes are available in English, Spanish or Italian!!!


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