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It's not over when you lose, it's over when you quit

KDK/KDKFIT offers numerous programs to help you become your best. Whether it's goal-setting, focus or weight loss - we have you covered.


Adults: We work together to determine your goals and set up a game plan to tailor a program built for your specific needs. Decompress, de-stress and live the warrior mind.

Kids: We focus on individual growth and growing leadership skills.


1) The aim of KarateDo lies in self defense and in the perfection of our physical and mental selves. We promote the highest moral character, integrity self-discipline, intellectuality and harmony with people.

2) The philosophy of Karate Do seeks the one never losses. We develop both confidence and courage to lead meaningful lives.

3) The theory of Karate Do is based on that small effort and big result. We always seek the truth and practice it with endurance and patience and we respect and obey our senseis, shihan and parents.

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